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my angel
After a long and anticipating 9 weeks, my beautiful baby came into this world. Thanks to her, my life is turning to a new page. I honestly couldn't ask for anything more. She is perfect. Along with raising a baby, comes a lot of responsibilities as a mother, and I'm silly- but truthful when I say- everything happened in a blur. Falling in love with my one and only, Jay, and eventually raising a family with him. Sure, there were bumps on the way and some days were rough. But we pulled through. And I'm glad for that. I feel like a huge weight has finally been lifted off of my shoulders. I feel as if I've completed another huge part of my life.
Here she is! My adorable undefined Park! I think she has her father's eyes, and my smile. Is that saying too much? I hope she grows up beautifully, even if she doesn't, I will shower her endlessly in my love. Thank you for being born into this world. Thank you for bringing happens to mom.
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